Wait…Here is a Funny One…But is the Joke on Me?

So a couple weeks ago I was listening to a lady (that is a wonderful person) tell me about her son that is an addict – pills are the problem for him.  Another lady a couple days before tell me about the sadness she had with her daughter’s addiction – she thinks it was pot, though her daughter lives a thousand miles from her, she really wasn’t sure.

We were all sitting in a bar.  We were all drinking the drug we chose, which was booze.  What made us different from the kids?  Both ladies are smokers and cannot kick that.  This is not a statement of judgment on either of them but in my night time shake fest I wondered if we were drugging ourselves, just with something different than those kids were.  If you cannot put something down and not have any withdrawals, me in my small minded brain cannot help but wonder if we all have our poison just not the same one?


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