Living Life Out of a Backpack

The first AA meeting I went to was at a Shelter.  This Shelter had people living there and many others just walking there from across town from other shelters.  There were lots of backpacks.  The meeting is in the early morning.

I Didn’t Know What I Didn’t Know

There are a lot of people that just walk around town to sort things out.  Some of them do it to get out of the Shelter.  Some of them do it to get out of their own head.  Today I took a person in my car back to the Shelter he was staying at because it was raining.  He got their own his own and he was wet.  He didn’t ask for help but was happy when I offered it.

The Grapevine Reading

Today we read about contributions.  The exact reading was about financial contributions.  Once again, each person had their own “take” on the reading.  Since many of them had less than two pennies to rub together, I was surprised at the optimism and HOPE that many of them had in their sharing.

You Don’t Have to Lose it All to Lose it ALL

Some have almost all their possessions in their backpacks.  Some have a bigger “Backpack.”  It may be a car, an apartment a house and some have even more. You don’t have to lose your job to feel like your life is in shambles.  We all bring a different backpack with us, packed up with all our worries, fears and shame.  Each one of us has his or her own definition of “ROCK BOTTOM.”

The Holiday Inn

I am an outdoorsy type.  I like to camp, fish, hunt  and all kinds of things like that. More than once, I have heard (generally a male) someone say, “My girlfriend/wife’s idea of camping is staying at the Holiday Inn.”  My idea of camping is hanging out with my friends, sipping a few “cold ones” and sleeping in a tent near a pretty scene – lake mountain or river. My next camping trip will be everything I mentioned before but without the “cold one” unless it is something that is non-alcoholic!  But if you are homeless or have been living in a shelter your idea of camping is survival, never mind  a Holiday Inn.

We are all the same in recovery

My favorite thing about AA is that no matter the size or color of your backpack, no matter your definition of camping, or your feeling that you are at rock bottom –  you belong.  We have one goal and one goal only.  To NOT drink TODAY.  To stay sober.  To help one another when we feel weak or scared.  No one judges you.  Everyone is allowed to have their own story, whether they decide to tell it or not.



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