A Little Nervous

Well tomorrow is the day.  It is the first day that I meet my Sponsor to talk about well….ME and Alcohol.

It’s Been A Week

This person gave me her number the first day I met her, which also was my first day in the program.  I wrote about my calling and asking her to be my Sponsor in this post last week.  She told me that she would love to do it but that last week was going to be crazy.  She had a death in the family and other family obligations, but if we could wait till this week she would want to meet then (which means tomorrow.) Until then, I was to call her every day and we agreed on a time.  She called it “Discipline.”

I Called Every Day

Even if I was in a business meeting, I excused myself and called. Even though sometimes she couldn’t answer, I left a message.  I was feeling pretty good and told her so in the voicemail.


It is pretty evident to those that know me that I have none. I also always think that I am wrong or I may have misunderstood something.  As a few days went by and I was leaving messages at the given time I was supposed to call, I was starting to worry that perhaps I really didn’t understand this “Sponsor thing.”  Perhaps she was being nice when I had called her and she just didn’t have the nerve to tell me that she really didn’t want to be my Sponsor?  Then as I was weeding my garden in the heat over the weekend, I missed her phone call.  She left me a message.  She told me how happy she was that I understood how crazy her week was and that she promised that once things settled down (later on in the weekend) she would be more available.  Then we could get together and have a fresh start.

Sponsors are People too!

I do believe that my Higher Power was giving me a lesson in PATIENCE.  She told me right at the beginning that she was in a very emotional time.  Just because I was worried about ME, I completely discounted her situation.  I understand that holiday weekends, funerals and family time tip a person’s world upside down, just because she was going to be my Sponsor didn’t mean anything different for her than for anyone else.

Just As She Promised

We talked last night for a while.  She told me about her week and I was really interested in hearing about it.  We are just getting to know each other and instead of me running to her and saying, “FIX ME!!!!” I am getting to know another human that is very, very kind, compassionate and focused on “guiding me” (as she puts it), along the way. To find the journey that I want for ME.  We picked a time and place to meet, we have talked twice today.  She told me her husband’s birthday was today, her son was just back from deployment, her daughter’s birthday was yesterday.  WOW a revelation!  My Sponsor is HUMAN and all I had to do was LISTEN and BE PATIENT.

Thanks for another lesson, Higher Power.


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