Black Belt in AA

I mentioned in a previous post about a visitor from out of state joining us at our meetings the past few days.  Visitors are so wonderful to hear from, they share things those of us that have been in a small group haven’t heard before and once again we are reminded that we are not alone in the fight with alcoholism.

Harley Davidson

3 days ago a man showed up all “biker’ed out” at our early meeting.  Generally, this meeting is small, it is held at a shelter and many of the attendees live in the shelter or used to live in the shelter.  It was Fourth of July weekend and we had many new faces in and out that joined us and participated.  Like any AA Meeting, there is a format and it is such an open group that it is easy to feel comfortable there, even if you have never been in a shelter before.  This man came in and as we went ” ’round robin” and it was his turn to share he was happy to tell us his story.  He has his own story, his was different than mine and different from the others in the room.  He told it with humor and had a great smile.  He had been sober for years, though he didn’t tell us exactly how long.  He has been back every day with us since and says he will be until he leaves town.

Did “IT” His Way

Since I am new in the program, I have heard lots of horror stories, how AA works, “if you work it” and I am sure that is right for most of us.  But this guy went against all odds, didn’t have a sponsor but had someone that decided he needed one and pestered him every day.  He even said the man that called him every day was someone he didn’t even like.  But as he put it, the man kept calling and kept in touch with him.  As he said, “That guy had a black belt in AA. He knew it and he wasn’t afraid to hound me with it.  I kept going to meetings and I wasn’t drinking.  Hell, I haven’t even done the steps with anyone. It’s the fellowship that brings me back every day, keeps me from drinking.”

Whatever Works

When I read Bill’s story, I couldn’t even fathom being in his situation.  It was easy to say to myself that I didn’t need AA because my story wasn’t like so many others that shared in the room that I sat in, that very first day.  But I did have people approach me, give me their telephone number and care about me without judgement.  The same thing happened at the second and third meetings that I went to that very first day.

All in the Same Boat

We read the “Singleness of Purpose” at every meeting that I have been to so far.  Our only goal for the day is to not take the very first drink.  Not to trick ourselves into thinking that we can “manage our drinking” like non-alcoholics because we can’t.  We have each other in the same lifeboat concentrating on the same thing.

Another day no drinking.





3 thoughts on “Black Belt in AA

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I am really happy to have stumbled upon your blog and am wishing you much success and peace in your journey. I will check out the meditation book you mentioned as well!

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