It Was My Turn

Today we all got to our early morning meeting and 7:30 came and went and there was no leader. Even though there were several people there that I have seen run the meetings, they all looked at me and said, “Come on it’s your turn.” I said, “I don’t know how to run a meeting.” They said, “You can and we’ll help you through it.”

They Were With Me This Far

I looked around the room and there were more than a dozen smiling male faces. Most of the early crowd are men, there are some women on some days but not today. But these were people I had come to trust in a short time with stories I had never told anyone, some not even to myself.

On With The Show

I followed the book just like they showed me and it went ok. The view from the front of the room was different from my normal perch in the back of the room. Running the meeting it seemed most people directed their “shares” at you, rather than to be accused of the evil “cross-talk.”  But the meeting went as we always run it, the instructions are very clear, The Grapevine reading had all ready been chosen and copies made.

They Were Right

They stuck by me and cheered me on with my success. Just like making it another day without a drink, they were there for me. And even when we stumble they are there too. I have never before had people like this in my life.

Thank you Higher Power for a day in growth, a day blessed with others that are fighting the same fight I am.  See you tomorrow.


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