Can Alcoholics Take a Vacation?

Little things had a tendency to overwhelm me, but today I actually smiled about them, found joy in accomplishing them and looked forward to tomorrow.


I have mentioned all ready that I am heading out for vacation in a couple days.  Normally, this would completely send me off the deep end.  I would wake up in the middle of the night in a sweat and just drink heavier during the day because of all the things I felt I had to get done before I left.  This time, I still had a big list of things to do but as Friday afternoon wore on I was plowing through and getting things done.  Then after I talked to the 3 folks that were joining me at my house tomorrow, they told me they were hoping I didn’t mind if they showed up in the afternoon.  WOW!  That is an extra 6 hours in my back pocket that I didn’t plan on!  And with a clear head and no booze on my breath, I felt excited for the first time in a long time about getting out of town.

Planning Ahead 

Tomorrow morning I am going to my usual morning meeting.  Today, I touched base with a friend who’s number I have and explained that I was going on vacation and I might need a little boost during the week.  Well, she lit up like a roman candle, excited that I would ask her for support and she gave me a big hug. She said, “I may call and just to touch base so I can hear your voice!”   Here I was worried about asking her and she made me feel like I did her the favor!

I also got out my AA schedule for the area and found meetings to go to, so even though my friends that are going with me aren’t AA’s, you would barely call them drinkers.  One doesn’t drink at all and the others may have one glass of wine…maybe.  I also have my get-away car so there will be no worries trying to get to a meeting when I want to.  I am feeling pretty comfortable about the situation but trying to be prepared.


Where we are going, we will be lucky to find internet, so I may have some withdrawals without my broadband. Anyone that reads this blog you may miss me for a couple of days but please leave me a note and let me know how you are doing.  If I get a chance to write an entry or two, I will and I am bringing my notebook and will journal my thoughts.  Doing this blog helps me sort out things, hardly Pulitzer material it is just part of my recovery tools. Your comments and feedback is definitely helpful and appreciated.

Learning to Meditate

Since I will be at the shore (or where we are from we call it “the coast”),  my options and opportunities are different than from when I am home. I thought it may be a good idea to try and learn how to meditate.  I know many people that do meditate but I honestly can say I have no idea how to do it. I bought a couple books, read one and have another one in process.  I am bringing a mat and hope to find a good place on the ledges next to the ocean to give it a try.  Meditation sounds like a handy tool to help me with the anxieties without drugs or alcohol and God knows I need alternatives to alcohol.

Today was a good day.  No alcohol.  One more day to cross off.  Thank you all and thank you God.  Tomorrow is a new day and I am looking forward to it.


4 thoughts on “Can Alcoholics Take a Vacation?

  1. I think I may have had another one of those *Blog Devine Interventions*…happens to me all the TIME!!…LOL….I happen to see your blog while on another. I’m Catherine, and also in recovery from compulsive addicted gambling, and been know to down a few too may Cocktails…..but that’s all good now. Been on my journey 6+yrs now, this vacation post caught my eye.

    WHY?? Well, I’ll be going on a little Vaca in Oct, my Nephew and his wife are having Twins and they want me to be there when they come into the world! ONE PROBLEM, the rest of my family, including my father, and except my older brother has not bothered to Speak to me since my mom passed away, Aug 2003…….What father does that??…..Anywho….I’ve been very on edge knowing they will all be around,,,..YIKES!!

    I knew there might be the day when I need to at least make Amends with my father…..but why?….I wasn’t the one who stopped talking?? Have any Sound Advice??? ….LUV your blog and I’m following….poor you!..LOL……Hugs! *Author, Catherine Lyon* 🙂

    • Hey Catherine – you know I am learning that NONE of us is alone in this fight. We all have issues with family or something. I know I sure do! I am just starting the steps and apart from being confused about all the “awakenings” I have been having lately, the isolation has been so much less than it used to be! I am not sure what groups you belong to but if you know where you are going to be make sure you find some meetings. I am only associated with AA and I am so happy to know there are so many opportunities out there for me.

      Family issues SUCK. Seems like they get under your skin (or at least mine anyway) and those folks KNOW how to push your buttons, Hell, they have been doing it your whole life! My brother showed up on the scene yesterday (I see him twice a year – maybe) and I was trembling when I left. He is a liar and has always made me a pawn in his lies. I have not confronted him on this but I figure that some day I will need to. I also do not feel like I am in need of making amends to him because it is HE that has caused these issues and not me. But “this journey” as you so eloquently wrote, may teach me something I haven’t figured out or help me understand why I let his behavior effect me so badly. Thank you for the encouragement. I wish you well in your days ahead. Keep those dimes in your pocket and I will be praying for you!

      • YES…..You are not alone!! And one more little piece of advice??? Work your steps over and over, because as you grow in your recovery, your steps can also aide in your Life Journey as well. It will also help you not get *Complacent* in your recovery. I’m 6+yrs in, and I still have Step 9….many amends to get through yet.
        Some have been wonderful, with others and friends accepting and happy I’m recovering, and there have been a few, NOT so nice, which includes some family members, but…..I Let God….and Let it go, It’s them who are missing out, and it’s on them…..Not on ME! I’m living my LIFE, their still *MARRED* in Gossip……So SAD. OH…..& those Dimes??…..Never leave my Pocket Anymore!…..There in my PiggyBank!!…lol…lol……Catherine 🙂

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