Where is the Line Between Passion and Addiction?

Passion or Addiction?  Which is it …or can it be both?  I wasn’t sure so I threw it out onto Google and here is what I found:

Addiction:  (N) The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.

Passion:   (N)  1.  Strong and barely controllable emotion.  2.  A state or outburst of such emotion.

Once Again, the Grapevine

We had a reading that discussed addiction.  And after all the chatter about a certain golfer and a certain politician we all have recently heard about sex addiction.  I personally think of something that alters your being, either mental or physical that keeps a person from being in control is an addiction.  Thus, why we are alcoholics.  We have a drink, we keep drinking and we cannot stop drinking.  Our minds go wild and the rest is history.  But that is my definition.  As I sat there listening to people share their stories regarding addictions, the lines seemed to blur between addiction and passion.

Wow!  Confusion

People say, “Follow you passion!”  So to me that says, “If it feels good, do it!”  Is passion the thing that we addictive personalities try to find when we are powerless over “that thing” that we have to quit all together?  We see every day people that are addicted to food, gambling, exercise, even tanning, because it gets to a place where it passes the feeling good part, to the point of no return.  I think many of us miss those wonderful days of merriment and cheer but unfortunately, we cannot go back.  One drink and we are destroyed, the game is over.

I Need My Passion

Okay so now what?  Each day I tell myself, no drinking today. Does that mean that Quaker Meeting has begun, no more laughing, no more fun?  I know that going to meetings helps me, keeps me busy and fills my time that I may otherwise be drinking in a bar or at home where no one is watching.  The meetings give me fellowship and comfort. Often in meetings I knit but I wouldn’t say that I get my “passion fix.”  I know now why creative people paint, writers write, musicians play, etc., it scratches the itch that is left unscratched -with alcoholics, we need some healthy substitute.


Next week I head back into the gym and maybe back to the pool.  I get bored at the gym.  I like the feeling good part but it isn’t a passion by any means.  In fact some mornings it is just a pain in the a$$.  We’ll see, I also love to hunt and fish.  Ski season is on it’s way, I have plenty of interests I just need to move something into the empty passion category that my addiction left blank. One Day At A Time.



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