The Messenger

To me, there is nothing worse in the world than listening to someone tell me how to live my life.  It is my life and I am an adult and I don’t want to be told how to live it.  I also want to make sure that my new life doesn’t get stuffed down anyone else’s throat.

My Old Friends

I understand when people in meetings call their friends, “Drinking Buddies.”  I have some of them myself. Many of these stories from others in the meetings say, “they really weren’t my friends after all.”  I am sure this is true in their case and I have no reason to disbelieve these stories.  My story is a little different.  I do have “friends” that are just “drinking buddies.”  But I cannot say that all my friends are just “drinking buddies.”  It is kinda like Facebook.  All of my Facebook friends are not real friends, in fact, some of these people I don’t even know at all!  But just because some of them are strangers doesn’t justify generalizing that they all are. Same goes with “drinking buddies.”

Some Don’t Know

I don’t feel it necessary to post on Facebook or anywhere else that I am going to AA.  That is what the anonymous means.  I also haven’t driven up and down the road proclaiming it to the neighborhood.  I have told some family as well as some friends.  Some of those friends are drinkers, a few of them heavy drinkers.  We have talked since I started going to AA but we haven’t talked about AA or the meetings.  We talk about our lives, we talk about what is happening in them.  During these visits I am not drinking.  Most of the time they are.  We don’t even discuss the fact that I am not drinking. There is a lot more to our relationship than what we are drinking.

I Have Hope

I have hope that I will keep living life one day at a time and without booze.  I hope that I can keep my eye on the prize and focus on the triggers that cause my alcohol escape hatch.  I hope that I will stay humble and not evangelize the “evils of drinking.”  I hope that if and when anyone of my friends that knew me in my party days need help, know they can come to me because of how I am living and not how I am talking.  I pray for them as I live one day at a time.


2 thoughts on “The Messenger

  1. Your real buddies, drinking or not, will support your decision. The others….time will tell. No need to billboard your membership. It is a personal choice. Kudos on the way you are dealing with it. Keep moving forward!!

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