Wolf Pack

Dominancy and superiority is everywhere.  There is always some “tipping point” where some people are trying to jockey for the top of the heap or “King of the Hill.”

Mother Nature

Being a person that has raised dogs and been around nature all of my life, I watch how animals act. How they act when they are alone, how they act when they are with others their own kind.  It never seems to fail that “somebody” is looking to be “in charge” or “bigger than”  “better than” “smarter than” the rest.  In the animal kingdom there are no doubts how the dominate one is determined.   In some cases this process ends up with the weaker one being killed.  It is much more complicated with humans and far less honest.

My Own Singleness of Purpose

I don’t want to drink today.  That is my one goal.  If I can do that, then I have been successful.  Everything else I may accomplish today is icing on the sobriety cake. As I am still very new in the program, I am starting to see new things at meetings I never noticed before.  Some of these things I don’t like.  I tend to shrug it off because I am not at meetings to concern myself with other people’s politics or their showboating.

We Are All “Bozos On the Bus”

I have heard this term used before.  It means we all are the same.  We are all working to be “One Day At A Time” successful.  Perhaps this is my way as a newcomer feel equal to someone with long term sobriety?  I do believe that we are all equal.  Recently, we have heard, there has been a string of people with long term sobriety, 15 years or more that “went back out.”  So this is a serious reminder that I have to be diligent.  NO. MATTER. WHAT.  Always remain teachable. Always be thankful for the treasure of sobriety. Never think that I am  better than anyone else in the room.  For I am just a “Bozo on the bus.”

Old Timers

These folks are great resources, great people, great friends.  But some have let that “old timer” label go to their head.  “We are not saints.”  Nope, not even someone with 35 years sobriety, that person knows only what works for them and can provide experience, strength and hope just like I can, from their own point of view.  When there are a couple in the room at the same time, sometimes it happens that there is a “holier than thou” attitude, lots of feathers ruffling, etc.  But that cannot matter to me.  I am focusing on my single goal of sobriety, not getting lost in other people’s drama and working on being the best person I can be-one day at a time.


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