Ever Wonder Why???

It wasn’t long ago that a man named Andy Rooney opened up his segment on :60 with “Ever Wonder Why?”  Kinda sounds like a child, ever wondering about this thing or that thing.  Ever wonder why people with alcoholism are and need to be “anonymous?”

This is just MY OPINION

I have read the Big Book, Living Sober and a host of other – AA publications.  And I must confess I have read many recovery publications that are not AA publications or approved, whatever.  Since I started my recovery more than 4 months ago, my reading habits have changed dramatically – along with a few hundred other things…


When people get cancer or some other life threatening/altering illness there are walks to raise money, swim a thons, bike races and all kinds of benefits for research and support.  Ever wonder why they don’t have the same compassion for alcoholics?  We got a disease too and we need help too but we have to be anonymous.  Diseases suck.  Diseases are bad and when these diseases attack your mental state and you drink, drug or otherwise just addicted to whatever, nobody wants it out of the closet.  Hell I know I want it in the closet – along with the REST of my skeletons.  I didn’t and still don’t want 99.99999% of the world to know I am an alcoholic.  So the only thing we can count on is ourselves and our own network.

The People that “Get it”

Obviously those of us “with it” know that each case and vicitm is different.  Some alcoholics constantly relapse.  When someone in cancer treatment doesn’t respond well to a certain treatment or has a recurrence, everyone rallies around them and makes sure they have support.  When “one of us” has a recurrence or relapse, people roll their eyes, shake their heads and unless they are an alcoholic or are very close to one, they have no idea that we cannot help it either.  When we relapse to alcoholism it is just like cancer.  The disease (or addiction) is living in your head and just fights back and sometimes the alcoholic can win the battle and sometimes they cannot.  And all too many times the disease wins the war and  kills one of us, just like cancer.

How About Your “Bucket List” ?

When was the last time a non-alcoholic asked an alcoholic “Is that on your bucket list” in relation to a successful daily fight against alcoholism?  My bet is never.  But when a cancer survivor has success this is often a question asked, it is perfectly acceptable and the lists are just as different as the survivor that has made it.

Dumping on Cancer Victims

I am not dumping on cancer victims.  Cancer Sucks. Alzheimer’s Sucks, ALS Sucks, the list goes on. Alcoholism sucks too.  And I am remembering that my AA family understands me, gets me, loves me as I love them.  Because even though there is a stigma outside the AA Walls, there is not a stigma inside them.  We are all fighting together and we are on our own team.  I am not alone and I never will be as long as I let AA live within me.



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