More of “The Journey”

It is probably obvious what this means but it is frustrating to me when people throw around acronyms and I don’t know what they mean.  It was a long Holiday Weekend.  In my case it began with me being on the road for 5 days which knocked me out of my normal routine, my routine is my lifeline.  BUT I made it!

Taking No Chances

I was leaving town earlier than expected due to a situation with a family property that has encountered damage during some high winds and power outages. I couldn’t get any answers from my usual “go to” people, so I feared the worst .  I knew I was going to be there for the Thanksgiving Holiday so there was all the packing and planning that went into that.  I had just recently received “The Secret” on DVD so to ease my stress, I decided to listen to that on the ride over and distract me from the stresses I was creating inside my head.  It helped.  I arrived and things weren’t anywhere near what I had dreaded them to be.  I unpacked my car, got the fire going and got on my knees and Thanked God for some peace of mind.  Thanked God for serenity.

Planning Ahead

I knew I was not going to be able to do my usual meeting schedule.  My normal meeting was 2 hours a away and I was in the country where meetings are few and far between but I planned out 3, looked on the map, got the times and knew I could arrange my schedule around them.

A Day of Thanks

The night before Thanksgiving I was able to go to a meeting in the town I was staying in.  The meeting was small but the people were great and with lots of years of sobriety.  They introduced themselves and the minute they  learned I was just under 6 months sober, they claimed their group conscience was to chair a meeting was for one with more than 90 days sobriety. So I chaired the meeting.  When I told them this would be my first sober Thanksgiving, they were very supportive and gave me lots of ideas on dealing with the stress of the holiday.  It was fun and I was happy to meet some new people.

Early on Thanksgiving Day, I meditated early rather than later, read from my Daily Affirmations Book before I got on with the day.  These are not completely new things to me, I try to do them daily and it would be on a busy day that if I didn’t have my “soul food” early it would be likely I wouldn’t make time for it later and there was no time to run down a meeting.  The day went well, a friend of mine from the program joined us, no one drank alcohol though I don’t think I would have minded it if any one did, I was feeling pretty relaxed.  Good family time without drama – NICE!!


BLACK FRIDAY  – this is a day that my Mom and I go out and do a big loop in the country looking for out of the way stores in small country villages.  This year was no different with the exception of planning our route around a meeting.  A meeting my Mom asked if she could come with me.  So off we went.  We arrived at the time listed on the website, at the location listed, only to find the time on the website was wrong.  I went into the church office and the secretary told me it was at noon and not 11.  So we went back to town, poked around in a couple stores and then back to the meeting we went. This was a very small meeting, 3 other women, Mom and me.  It was a discussion meeting.  Everyone got time to share and there was an “over share” which prompted Mom to ask me about afterward in the car.  She wasn’t horrified, far from it.  I think it was more processing of the experience than anything else.

The Journey

I have mentioned the Journey before in this blog and I know that many may share some similar experiences.  This holiday was a sober one, one without the stress and anxiety that we have had in the past.  It was kind of boring actually but I didn’t mind at all. I got through it and Mom got to get a little taste of an AA Meeting with her pumpkin pie!


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