Merry Sober Christmas…to Me!

I need to keep the “Singleness of Purpose” in the forefront.  And I also need to rejoice in it when I succeed.  But I when I am hanging on to the life of sobriety by a thread, keeping the “Singleness of Purpose” is great but rejoicing or giving myself credit for doing so, I am not so great at.

December 25

While my life is sorting itself out and I am trying to learn how to live, life goes on around me, yet I am right in the middle of it.  When I go to meetings, I hear every one’s tail of woe, I find it easy to find gratitude mostly that I am not them.  But as I drive away, the dread of being me rolls in like fog over the bay.  Then I think some more. I get really pissed at myself because I really have so much to be grateful for and I say it over and over again, write it down, try to turn anything that is negative in my thoughts around to positive. That isn’t helping today.  When I refocus on my “Singleness of Purpose…” I made it through Christmas without drinking.  No say it again, louder this time…“I MADE IT THROUGH CHRISTMAS WITHOUT DRINKING!!”  

Will Someone Just SHUT HER UP?

My Mom and her 16 y/o dog is here for the holidays…I am grateful for a Mom that is of sound mind and can take care of herself and her dog-most of the time.

Power is out…A multi day ice storm brought our area to a grinding halt, many still have no power and this is multiple days.  We lost power for several hours but he have it now, I am so grateful.

Our Pellet Stove is broken…for the thousandth time.  I am thankful for blankets and power, again. (the list goes on but I will spare you.)

Down the Road

Things will be different.  My Mom is aging, we got power back.  So many things could be worse.  I hear it every day, I think I will hit another meeting tonight, there is one just down the road.  For that I am grateful, most of all.


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