Taking Anothers Inventory

As a newcomer to AA, terms like these were completely foreign to me.  I had not been in and out of AA like many nor have I had therapy so I did not understand the recovery jargon.  Hell, I was shocked that I was sitting in a Homeless Shelter wondering if  I had a problem with alcohol, wishing I didn’t, while at the same time, hoping I did.

Self Detox

That first day almost 7 months ago, I am not sure how I got to my first AA Meeting.  I mean I drove there.  I remember sitting on my couch wishing I were dead, looking for the earliest AA Meeting I could find on my cell phone.  I had never walked this path before.  A friend (whom I mentioned in this blog in other posts), had looked me up a year before to make amends. That surprise meeting from someone I hadn’t seen in 20 years, changed my life.  It got me thinking.  A year later, I decided to see if AA was something that could help my mixed up head and life.  In the coming months I learned that so many people around me had gone to rehab or several rehabs.  I probably should have too but I was so ashamed I was going to push myself to go it alone with the people of AA.  I felt awful.  I felt awful for a while but I say this because so much of the first few months are a blur now.  I know that by looking back at my entries in this blog I can recall a lot more because this blog is here than if I hadn’t written it.  So physically and mentally I felt a jumbled mess.

Code Words

People in AA don’t think they are “code,” and now I understand the words too.  One of the first terms of “Taking Another’s Inventory” was a term I had no idea what it meant.  Being a business person I had an idea what the word “Inventory” was.  But in regard to recovery, I had no clue.

The Steps

As I work through The Steps, I learned about my inventory, then the light went on.  I understood what my inventory was.  I wrote it down.  I thought about it.  I wrote down some more and thought about it some more.  So I got to the point at being pretty intimate with my “fearless, moral inventory.”

Once I worked through my inventory, I really knew the possibility of me as a person, to turn the tables on someone else without taking any ownership of their actions.  What my actions may be in any given situation.  And if I have nothing to do with it, then I need to stay out of it.  And NOT take someone else’s inventory.

Some days it’s easier than others but it is after all, “One Day At A TIme.”



2 thoughts on “Taking Anothers Inventory

  1. Many who don’t care much of 12-step programs, or the “Fellowship” of them because of the “So-called Slogans” that many say and use in AA, GA, NA…..I think, WOW!,….”they are sure missing the boat on *THE UNITY* of a 12-step program,” and the support of like minded people who understand where we have been. TOO BAD for them. It’s another TWO slogans that come to mind from my Gamblers Anonymous meetings, “Take what YOU need and leave the rest” which then comes to mind, we go to 12-step meetings for US, and our recovery, and to always Remember, “PRINCIPALS before Personalities”……Besides, you can’t CLEAN someone else’s House if you haven’t Cleaned your OWN!…LOL… Is that enough “Slogans” for you? Great Post! Happy New Year Janis! Hope all is well your way. 🙂 *Catherine* 🙂

  2. HA HA Catherine! How are you? How is your New Year going? It is funny I thought” Take What you need and leave the rest” was an AA thing, who cares really – I believe whatever we can do to help someone along with ourselves in recovery is what we should do! All my love and blessings to you sister from out west. I think of you often and am encouraged by you even though i am not even in your timezone! XXOX

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