Whoops, Sorry!

In my drinking days if I had written a post like the last one, riddled with non connecting thoughts and odd transitions, I would have…1) Taken it down immediately, 2) Been horrified at myself for writing it in the first place 3)  Hoped like hell no one had read it!

In recovery, I am beginning to realize the value of the JOURNEY.  All the twists, turns, ups and downs of life.  Without being “touchy” or paranoid – wondering if I made the screw up  it when I was drinking or coming down.  I had completely lost trust in myself.  And by losing trust in myself I stopped doing things because I didn’t know what condition I would be in for moment to moment.  I am leaving that post up because it reminds me I am not perfect, I am not meant to be perfect and the world isn’t going to end.

Here’s to “Keeping It Simple!”


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