Did You Forget Me?

It is obvious that it has been a long time since I have done a post. Somehow I have managed to delete my writing TWICE tonight and if I delete this time I will scream – not drink, scream.

First, I need to process, that is why I do this blog, I am not sure if many people read it even, I hope if you do, you enjoy it and it helps a little. Recovery is hard work and some days REALLY SUCK. Today was one of those days for me.

What has been going on:

  • On June 20, I celebrated 365 days. SOBER! 1 YEAR!! No booze. My friend Andy and his wife came up to my celebration. You may remember me telling you about Andy, it was he that got me to AA. A year before I got to AA, Andy was in town for a business trip (he lives 4 hours away) he contacted me saying he wanted to get together, he needed to make amends. I had no idea what that meant but I hadn’t seen him for 20 years and I was happy to see him no matter what the reason was. We got together (and thank GOD I drank iced tea.) He made his amends and that planted the seed for me. Though I wasn’t sure and even now, don’t know what those amends were for, I realize they were for him and I was happy for that. But of course “The Higher Power” was at work and when I was wondering if I needed to go to AA, it was Andy that I called. He also drove 4 hours through a snowstorm to celebrate my 6 month anniversary with me. One of the many gifts of “The Program.”
  • A couple days later I ended up in the Emergency Room with an asthma attack. In fact there have been a couple of asthma and breathing issues this summer. My allergies kicked in, I was a mess and so began a 3 month stint with various steroids which I am now off – but about 15 pounds heavier! I am learning that I used to soothe my anxiety and everything else with vodka – I hadn’t had a full blown asthma attack in about 20 years.  That is an intro to another topic later on.
  • Drove to and from my nephew’s High School, 16 hours in a car with my mom we left her house at 5am to catch a Ferry at 9, got there just in time to make the 8, got to the Graduation, slept over, drove back the next day and was home sweet home by 8pm. WHAT A WHIRLWIND. I think the prednisone helped – I am not known for sleeping when I have to take that crap!
  • We had family vacations, a couple deaths and I didn’t drink. It is all of course due to a shit load of meetings and all the other stuff I hear at all of those meetings. I have worked the steps and am doing my best to live them.

So that is that. Day 448. Giddyup!

More posts on the way, but I needed a “catch up” post, well you know, because that is how I am!


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