Monkey on my Back

When I first got into recovery, I remember feeling so many negative emotions.  Most of them around all the secrets I had been harboring.  Afraid at getting caucropped-nothingchanges.jpgght, wondering how much I was remembering about any given day or event.  I really felt like there was a huge weight on my shoulders. And not “medicating” these feelings, was rough.

As the Fog Lifted

After a few days and many meetings, I learned that many people felt like I did in the early days, but as I looked across the room at happy people that truly loved each other and cared earnestly, I began to think there was hope for me.  And there was.  And today when I choose again not to drink, there still is hope.  LOTS!

Short but Sweet

Today I am sitting in a library working.  May sound simple, but in this particular town, I have drank much and drank often.  Many days in a row.  It was where I “cut my teeth” on partying.  So sitting here at 9:30am without a Bloody Mary or my patent “Beers for breakfast” Rolling Rock is pretty monumental.  I have no regrets today and I don’t feel haunted.  I am tying up some loose ends and being productive.

I wanted to mention this in a quick post.  If you are struggling, get to a meeting. “They” mean what they say that it gets better.  I am noticing it and feeling it now- today.

Tonight when my travel day is through, I plan to make it to a meeting.




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