Back to School

Holy $hit – Where Have I Been?


Wow has the Summer flown by…and we are all ready nearly half way thru September.  If you live in Maine, you know the days start getting shorter quickly which isn’t welcome.  In June, we can see early signs of day breaking around 3:30am with a long sunrise to follow. I am a huge fan of sunrises and was setting my alarm on the weekends around 4am so I could take it all in. Also when you are on the coast of Maine, it is something to behold and a true gift to my sobriety. A new day.  And I am sober!

Unfinished Business

I have a book that all of you in our program helped me to write.  My goal was to have it written by June 20, which was my 3rd Anniversary.  Each day I wrote.  I had a goal of writing a certain amount and you guys and my Higher Power -I achieved it.

Then I met with my writing coach (which is sort of a Sponsor), in this project and she helped me determine what needed to happen next.

A friend that I met in the program agreed to head down to our camp (neutral territory with few distractions) and help me sort through the pages that I had typed.  We put them in order. At least for the first pass. What a wonderful time we had together.  I had no idea I could have a friend like this.

Our book is like a pocket AA Meeting.  Writing it and sifting through it is exhausting.  AND the need for a fresh set of eyes (my own as well as someone else’s), to read thru and put it is some sort of order takes time.  We did it in about a 24 hour period. It’s a start.

BUT it is hardly finished.  I had to put it down.  I felt like I was reliving my first year of sobriety all over again.  Now I have my book, about 375 pages in a pretty box – still needing to be finished off in the sorting process.

Another Sunrise

It is a new day.  And now I need to embrace the challenge, get it organized and move on to the next step of finding a publisher. I’m full of fear.  Rejection, being ignored. My coach has given me tips, encouragement and direction – but the work is still mine and it is time.

The funny thing about this book is that I have never written one before.  I have felt many days that I am not the one writing it.  I have felt like my Higher Power is leading me through it. Whenever I put it down I feel pressure and various “God Bombs”that tell me to get moving.

It sort of feels like doing the Steps all over again and I need to stop stalling. So One Day at a Time we will get there, right?





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