We’re EVERYwhere!

Most all the names and identifiable things in this post (as well as all others) have been changed or generalized, in spirit with our 12th Tradition. (Anonymity.)

Early Mornings

My early mornings are pretty sacred to me.  I love the peace and quiet before the world wakes up and crazy gets out of bed.  I wouldn’t call myself a morning person really, I am not particularly friendly early, I appreciate letting my dog out, going for a stroll with him in the backyard, while the coffee pot does its’ job. Being alone and quiet.

This morning I was pretty sad, my dog is getting old and having troubles getting around and I know I will be making a tough decision soon.  I went upstairs to meditate for a little bit before getting ready to head out for the day.

The Electronic Leash

I checked my phone – as I do too often, and there was a text from someone.  It happened to be from a guy I knew back in High School. We connected on FB like I have with so many of my old friends.  (I am lucky that my drinking days were mostly silent drunks that were solitary. Most of my old friends didn’t even know I drank-or had problems anyway.)  As with all my FB friends, I interacted with him and noticed he lived in California now.  I remember him in High School as a “dark cloud” kinda guy, that didn’t always appreciate my sunny disposition.  I was a friend of his sister mostly-he put up with us as an older brother would.

I noticed he would post quite a few photos of Cakes with the number of years that the person was celebrating.  It seemed obvious to me that he was “One of Us,” though I never bothered to pursue it with him personally.  It looked like he was happy.  I was happy too. I had noticed several trips along with photos back and forth to our old home town as well as photos of him seeing some of our old classmates and friends.  This past weekend, he was in a resort town not far from where I live.

Back to the Text

I look down at my phone and there is a private message from Paul.

Paul: “Hey Janis, what’s up? I’m stuck at the airport with a flight delay.”
Paul: “Yup, Co-Pilot called in sick.”
Me: “I have a meeting first thing, but I could swing by the Airport and rescue you for a coffee-we could have a visit and then I need to get to another appointment, it would be great see you!”

Loading Zoneairport-sign

I swung by the Airport and there he was right out front. He jumped into the car and off we went.  It was great to catch up. He seemed happy and we laughed feeling comfortable right away.  I asked if he was in Recovery he said, “Oh yeah and loving life!”  and the conversation went from there. Turns out he is on his “Amends Tour.” We joked that it was kind of like in “My Name is Earl” where he has his list. Paul’s is quite long and as he feels the guidance, he deals with it.  So that means trips back to Maine.  We spent a couple hours visiting – coffee (of course), and then back to the airport we went. And some of the conversation got me thinking of my own Recovery – it always does.

Considering the way I started my day, with tears in my eyes thinking about my dog, it was so great to have this safe distraction.  Paul had no reason to make any amends to me nor I to him, we were just 2 sober classmates 38 years later, getting thru life on life’s terms “One Day At A Time.”






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