Coming Back From the Dead

Many that read this blog are aware that my Home Group Meeting is located at a Homeless Shelter.  While by the Grace of God I have never been homeless, going to a meeting in a Shelter nearly every morning reminds me of how grateful I am.  Someone said once, “Coming here is like a ‘head on crash’  with Gratitude.”  I have to agree with that.


Our meetings are long on the “Experience” side of the “Experience, Strength and Hope” equation.  Some days folks are fresh out of jail, rehab or been kicked out of the house. Some are still drunk.  Many are sick and tired of being sick and tired, others are pissed off at the world, but our job is to have a meeting.

We have a daily morning meeting – Grapevine format for weekdays, Living Sober on Saturday , Sunday is 12 and 12.  People living at the Shelter are rousted out of bed early and our meetings are in a “Day Room.”  Some stumble into the meeting.  Others plan on it and some of us come in from the outside.

What This Has Done For My Recovery

When I am sitting in meetings I am recharged with relevant content that I need to stay sober.  I hear stories from people that have cheated the Grim Reaper 3 or more times.  I can identify even though my “story” is different.  I feel it in my heart and I am grateful for being sober TODAY.








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