About Me

“Hi My Name is Janis and I am an Alcoholic.”

Actually, my name really isn’t Janis at all.  I am using a “pen”  name.

In keeping with the  12th Tradition of Alcoholics Anonymous:

“Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles over personality. ”

I don’t want a public identity to get in the way of my recovery or yours if you have ever spoken to me.  In our book and this blog I may use words that come from the wisdom of those in the fellowship, I don’t want people at meetings to feel like they cannot speak freely.

That way, we all stay Anonymous.

Why Janis?

I chose the name Janis because one of my favorite singers was Janis Joplin.  Janis JoplinA lost addicted soul who’s song, I used to “sing” at the top of my lungs crying.  “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose…”  Me and Bobby McGee.

That was in 2000.  I drank then and it was expedited by a divorce. It was only the beginning of a downward spiral that ended in 2013.  (By the Grace Of God and AA.)

All the stories and the feelings are authentic. Because my identity is shielded, no one will be implicated, these are just my own feelings, I am a fellow traveler with you as we experience Meetings and our journey in life called Recovery.

I have learned that my struggles are not solely mine, the pain and stumbling, guilt and shame. I have learned that I am not alone or unique when for a 10+ years I did my best to isolate, suffer and let the disease of alcoholism take me down.  Today, I have learned I have a choice not to drink.

So stick around, read a bit, come on over to Facebook and stay connected.  If you are “One of us” or love “One of us,” you are all welcome to share in our “Experience, Strength and Hope.”

Our Book was sent out to a Publisher today. (9/20/16)

Think good thoughts.  No matter what happens I am grateful for all you for all your support and love up till now and forevermore.