Inspirational Gems

All over the internet there are these posted quotes that people share.  Many of them are inspiring to me.  In my effort to share Experience, Strength and Hope, pass on the message, I decided to make my own.  Feel free to share them.  I will be making many more of them and posting them here.


My First one!   Here is a page where there will be more posted.Meme_icanbeauthor


Content of the Gems:

The photo backgrounds are original photos that I have taken with my cell phone.  I am no photographer but happen to be in beautiful places and want to share the peace and serenity.

The Gem (words printed over the photo) is something I have heard in a meeting.  These are not exact quotes, just words I heard and jotted down in a small notebook that I carry in my bag.


The Notebook is something I started carrying around when I first started going to meetings in 2013. When I would feel lonely or “squirrely.” I would pull out the book and read it- it felt like a meeting whenever I read it.  I go to a lot of meetings, but sometimes I still need my notebook to read and feel like I have my brothers and sisters in AA giving me their experience, strength and hope wherever I am.