Our Book

wp-1461633489592.jpgI am not exactly sure how it happened, but there is a book in the works.  And it is ours.

About a week and a half into my sobriety, I started actually LISTENING to what people were saying in meetings.

Home Group

The bulk of meetings that I attended and still attend are at a Homeless Shelter. The raw honesty shared was memorable. Real. Funny. Poignant. Sometimes I would hear these things repeated in other meetings, sometimes not. I kept them in a book in my purse, writing down one “Gem” after another when I would hear it. Precious gifts given freely to me and my Recovery.

Never Alone

ESPECIALLY in my first year, often I couldn’t get to a meeting when the wheels were turning, a meeting wasn’t happening and my Sponsor was unavailable.  I needed my own meeting.  I would take out the book and read a few “Gems” from it, it would be my own personal recovery companion.  It really helped. I stayed sober.

The Goal

Our book is a compilation of all the things you people (my Recovery family), told me.  The things I needed to hear when I needed to hear them.

My Higher Power Wasn’t Letting Me Off the Hook

I have felt pushed to share them and this is how our book idea came about.  I am hoping with my Higher Power as Guide, I will finish it.  Then it will publish and be available to suffering alcoholics getting some Experience, Strength and Hope whenever they need a meeting (purse, pocket or glove box), just like I did.

Stay tuned.  The plan is to have a first draft done by my 3rd Anniversary – June 20, 2016. By the Grace of God – One Day At A Time.  #ODAAT

Update:  “Shitty” First Draft is complete.  Now the hunt goes on for a Publisher.

If you see a #MeetingGem on my FB Page, Twitter or Google Plus feed, it is something I heard that I thought was worth sharing.  Most of them are “post book.”  and PS.  There has been no word yet.  Please continue to send out the good vibes, you guys are brilliant and we need to celebrate our love for one another by finding all the ways we can to spread the message to the alcoholic that still suffers.

That Experience, Strength and Hope that only WE understand.